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Rocks and Wiggles

Dr. Kirstie Wright



My name is Kirstie and I am a geologist. I study the Earth, its processes and deposits to understand its geological history. My research interests are subsurface characterisation, seismic stratigraphy and basin analysis with a focus on volcanic and sedimentary systems. I have worked across the UK and North Atlantic Margins, the Falkland Plateau Basin and Central Indonesia. 

I have previously worked as a geoscientist in the energy industry, as an academic researcher and a climate change and adaptation scientist for heritage. I have also worked as a consultant for research, communication and media projects. I am currently employed as a subsurface geoscientist at the British Geological Survey in the decarbonisation and resource management challenge area.

Outside of my research I am involved with several projects, including as a Director of North Sea Core CICYou can find out more about what I do by looking my Activities or hire me as a geoscience consultant.

Please note any views expressed are mine and not that of any employer or society I am affiliated with.

Kirstie Wright
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